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OneLuvFM web radio has continuously broadcast 24/7 worldwide for the past 7 years.
It’s motto is "All Kinds of Music for All Kinds of People" to highlight the fact that the music is extremely varied: Jazz, Funk, Urban Soul, World Music, Old School and House. 
The full concept is to always have good non-commercial music, memories of the past and the latest music on the planet for the music connoisseurs. 

OneLuvFM also promote established, new and upcoming artists as well as their record labels.  


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Tony Bambury CEO and Johan Fournier Director on OneLuvFM


90d58ec3-93f9-4353-954e-6a18e0d74059.JPG was immersed in the artistic world from an early age.

Singer, dancer, actress and host she knew how to apply her skills by evolving in the world of entertainment and events.


Today and more passionate than ever L.Joy joins the ONELUVFM team.

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